Superhero stripes

I am soooo excited for these stripes! I only painted them today but I just had to write this straight away because I love them so much!

Just look at those perfect lines! 

I watched a good couple of hours of YouTube videos and read even more bling post on painting stripes to find out the best way to get really good results. What tape to use? How do I avoid colour bleeding? These were the two things I really wanted to get right. All online sources seem to remomend frog tape so that’s what I chose. I found two different ideas on how best to prevent bleeding and decided to use both of them. The first was to heat the Frog Tape up with a hair dryer, this apparently bonds the tape to the wall better. The second was to paint the edges of the tape the same colour as the stripe underneath, in this case white (I didn’t take a picture of this, I was in a rush to get the room finished before the school run!) the idea is that if paint is going to bleed it’s the same colour as the stripe it’s bleeding onto so it’s not noticeable. I don’t know if one way is better than the other or if it was a mixture of the two but these stripes are pretty close to perfect. There are the few odd very small areas where bleeding did happen but they are hardly noticeable. The worst bits were on the eggshell skirting where I didn’t use either of the above methods. These can be easily touched up. 

Another small problem I had was that the tape had pulled off some of the white paint in the corner where the wall had been freshly plastered. Again this can easily be touched up but it is something to thing about for next time. There are also a few paint splatters on the adjoining wall, possibly because I used a cheap roller.

The Method

First I had to decide on the width of the stripes. The wall is 2120mm high. I decided on the 48mm Frog Tape. I knew I wanted three red stripes, these would be the widest. Four blue stripes and two sliver stripes, the silver being the smallest. That meant there would be eight white stripes separating the other colours. 

48mm x 8 = 384mm 

As this area was set I took it away from the hight of the wall and then played around with some sums to work out the widths of the other colours.

2120 – 384 = 1736mm

I settled on 260mm for each red stripe, 200mm for blue, 60mm for silver. 

260mm x 3 = 780mm total red

200mm x 4 = 800mm total blue

60mm x 2 = 120mm total silver

I had 36mm left over but just added this to the bottom red stripe. Once taped up the wall looked like the picture bellow. Notice I also taped vertically to give a straight edge on the ends. 

After the first coat

I then did another coat and removed the tape as soon as I had finished with the paint still wet. 

The colours used are Dulux Red Stallion 2 and Royal Regatta 2 both in standard matt, the silver is B&Q Colours Feature Wall Metalic Silver. The shine on the sliver is just beautiful, I may have to use it somewhere else in the house! 

Here is the final finished look!

Ta da!

I really couldn’t be happier with the result and Little C loves it too! Now we just have to get his furniture built over the weekend and he can move out of the spare room. 

I hope you like it as much as we do.

The plan as it stands… Upstairs

New ideas pop into our heads all the time. The walk in wardrobe and en-suite have swapped rooms countless times. The kitchen layout has been designed three times and the style has changed twice. Those are just the big(ger) changes. I’ve lost count of how many times hubby has said ‘what about if the the to goes here?’ As I said before I really want to look back on all the ideas we had when the house is finished (does a house ever actually get finished?) and wonder why we ever had these ideas in the first place. 
So, as it stands right now, starting with upstairs. 

  • Master bedroom – is to be painted white with a soft grey accent wall. Keeping our IKEA bed and side tables and adding an IKEA lack shelf dressing table. Of the master bedroom we have already knocked through the built-in wardrobe with that of the one in bedroom two and the airing cupboard to create two rooms. The first being a walk in wardrobe with the layout still to be designed. Two walls of this room have been plastered this week ready for the old water tank to be removed and replaced with a combi boiler in the loft. The main bulk of the pipework will be in this room. The other room will be an ensuite with a walk in shower and an all in one toilet and sink unit. We like the idea of a waterfall shower. 
The walls knocked down before the divide was put up.
  • Bedroom two – the is little C’s room. Our six year old. We stole around a 50cm slice of his room for our wardrobe/ensuite. He’s still not very happy with us for making his bedroom smaller! He has asked for a Captain America bedroom. White walls with a striped feature wall in red, blue and silver. Glitter was also mentioned, on the walls and in the carpets. I’m hoping I can talk him out of it though! He has also asked for the area under his IKEA kura bed to be his superhero hideout. I’m currently on the lookout for a worthy fabric. We just plastered the new wall in this room today. Not bad for Big C’s third ever attempt at plastering. 
Freshly plastered wall in bedroom two
    • Bedroom three – this room is almost finished. When we moved in the walls were painted the perfect colour for a naked minion to play hide and seek and never be found. There were also lots of holes in the walls where shelf brackets had been removed. Those have now been filled and the room has been painted white. We are yet to buy some dinosaur wall stickers as soon as B decides which dinosaurs he wants, he is more indecisive that his Dad deciding where the tv is going! Currently he has chosen a T-Rex, spinosaurous, pterodactyl and a stegosaurus. One needs to go. The room is not big enough for four large dinosaurs. The room also needs carpeting but this can’t happen until the new heating system is installed.
    • Bedroom four – is at the same stage as bedroom three. This is our spare room and home to whoever is having their room decorated (currently Little C) this is also painted white with no carpet. I may add a feature wall when the rest of upstairs is done. Still undecided on that one. We do know it will house a double bed for when family and friends visit. 
    • Family bathroom – this will probably be the last room in the house to be decorated unless I ‘accidentally’ drop something heavy in the bath from great height and make it crack. It’s avocado. It’s actually the comfiest bath I’ve ever been in and if you close your eyes and lay back you can almost forget how hideous the colour is. Almost. The layout will be main the same with a new white suite

    Painting bedroom four

    The story in brief

    In March 2017 myself, my husband, our two children and our Boxer dog moved into our forever home. A 1970’s four bedroom detached house complete with original avocado bathroom suite on the outskirts of Norwich in need of modernisation.  The house we both loved as soon as we walked through the door.  The house that we almost lost four times during the buying process. But a house we are so happy to call our own. 

    We have now lived here for five weeks, already we have painted two bedrooms, knocked down three walls and filled one skip. Refurbishing this house is going to take some hard work, there has been blood sweat and tears and I am certain there will be a whole load more! 

    The last house we lived in was a practice house that needed more work than this one. We learnt a hell of a lot about DIY techniques and made a lot of mistakes, then we learnt even more by putting them right. I wish we had a record of all the work we had done, before and after pictures, plans and ideas. Something to look back on and say ‘wow we actually did that’. Enter this blog. Me and my husband have multiple ideas some sound great at first but are just not practical and some need a little tweaking. We have forgotten some ideas alread, by writing them down that can’t happen.  We will use this space to jot them down, share before during and after pictures, and look back on what’s worked better than we imagined and what we would do differently. 

    I hope you enjoy our journey.