Painting bedroom four

The story in brief

In March 2017 myself, my husband, our two children and our Boxer dog moved into our forever home. A 1970’s four bedroom detached house complete with original avocado bathroom suite on the outskirts of Norwich in need of modernisation.  The house we both loved as soon as we walked through the door.  The house that we almost lost four times during the buying process. But a house we are so happy to call our own. 

We have now lived here for five weeks, already we have painted two bedrooms, knocked down three walls and filled one skip. Refurbishing this house is going to take some hard work, there has been blood sweat and tears and I am certain there will be a whole load more! 

The last house we lived in was a practice house that needed more work than this one. We learnt a hell of a lot about DIY techniques and made a lot of mistakes, then we learnt even more by putting them right. I wish we had a record of all the work we had done, before and after pictures, plans and ideas. Something to look back on and say ‘wow we actually did that’. Enter this blog. Me and my husband have multiple ideas some sound great at first but are just not practical and some need a little tweaking. We have forgotten some ideas alread, by writing them down that can’t happen.  We will use this space to jot them down, share before during and after pictures, and look back on what’s worked better than we imagined and what we would do differently. 

I hope you enjoy our journey.